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Flowers / decor


Bridal bouquets,  corsages (buttonhole flowers) and creative wedding floral decorations, and wreaths.

The choice of flowers for bouquets and decorations depends on a number of factors: personal preferences, color theme, and time of year. With such a large selection of plants and flowers that belong in the country,  there will be no need to work with  imported flowers, no matter what the season. The possibilities are truly endless!


With spring comes flowering Cherry, Pear, Almond and Magnolia trees. Feel the intense yellow of Mimosa and Forsythia, and the lively Rhododendron. The white and pink Peonies or Amaryllis. Also typical in the spring are the Iris and Freesia, with their delightful scents. The elegant Lilies, delicate Camellia and timeless roses.


Summer brings a flame of colors that will brighten up your wedding in Italy. In addition to decorative Sunflowers, common Artemisia lactiflora 'Ivory', Knight's Spores is a valuable resource that is available in various colors; white, pink, blue, mixed with wild yarrow flowers. Hydrangeas are perfect for large compositions, while Daisies, Lion's Mouth, and Buttercups are ideal for several simple arrangements.


Create a warm atmosphere with brilliant autumn colors, adorned with pumpkin and pomegranate. For greater influence, the "Fire Torch" Lilly, or Tritoma, a kind of grain whose colors vary from brown to orange. For table decorations, Oak leaves with their acorns, berries cluster of Skimmia, Chestnut, grapes of happiness, for a rustic and comforting feeling. Olive leaves are also extremely decorative to use in bridal bouquets and as decorations.


Winter: flowers such as Viburnum (Krossved) and Holly come in delicate colors. The evergreen ones are often decorated with gold and silver, highlighted by their brightly colored berries. Hellebore, or Christmas rose, varies in color from white to dark plum, and is considered the flower of the mysterious bride.


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