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Assistance with paperwork

Getting married in Italy requires that the documentation is in order and that you have someone with experience to assist. Let a professional Italian wedding planner help you.


Documentation required varies according to the nationality of the bride and groom and the type of ceremony requested


Italian weddings can help and assist in the preparation of all required documents. Since getting married in Italy requires some paperwork and joint agreements, Italian weddings can help you in every step of the way. From documentation to planning, we accompany you to meetings with authorities or complete the necessary paperwork and conditions.


Italian wedding will help you in Italy to get Nulla Osta and to legalize documents (if necessary) we can also ask fiancés / witnesses for their marriage. We also assist as an interpreter when all documents are to be translated and signed.


What is required of papers to get married validly in Italy?  


Valid passport:  who must attend the wedding. As a rule, you deliver the papers to the municipality you are to get married in 2 days before the wedding, otherwise you will be notified of the places that require originals a long time in advance. All papers must be sent for copy to the Italian Wedding well in advance of the wedding.  


Birth certificates:  Where the names of their parents appear, and the certificate must have an apostille stamp from the county governor. The birth certificates must be translated into Italian.  


Zero cheese:  you get this from the population register after submitting the form 'Testing of the marriage'. The zero cheeses must have an apostille stamp that you get from the county governor. The zero cheese is valid for 4 months at a time (any divorce date must be written on the zero cheeses, and according to Italian law, divorced women must have been divorced for more than 300 days before entering into a new marriage). Bridal couples with different nationalities must have zero cheese papers from the country of citizenship


2 wedding witnesses to sign as witnesses to their marriage






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