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Questions we get

What does a wedding planner do?

A wedding planner has the passion, experience and enjoyment of organizing weddings. We who

wedding planners take us from everything from A to Z, big and small details depending on what you yourself



Do I really need a wedding planner to help me with my wedding in Italy?

Well… .YES! We at Italiabryllup are actively involved in everything that happens on the bridal front in Italy, we know

We know the Italian wedding landscape very well and know how to navigate and which ones

choices that are important so that bridal couples, friends and family can come relaxed to Italy and just enjoy

places, documents and how to negotiate with the actors.

the days.


What Should I Think About When Choosing a Wedding Planner?

Chemistry and someone you can talk to who can come up with constructive input and ideas. One who will

make their day unforgettable because it is simply what gives joy and motivation to get

do the job as a wedding planner. . It is also extremely important that you have an open dialogue

phone, skype, fb or by email. Quick answers and a clear plan on how to post



Do you want to be at the place during our wedding?

Absolutely! We will be at the place you get married before you come and after you leave

It can actually pay off and have a wedding planner. We get discounts that single customers do not before

Can it be cheaper to do everything yourself?

on the same services.


When should I send out invitations to guests?

The invitations should be sent out 4 to 6 months before the wedding so that family and friends can plan

vacation and save up money.


Why do I have to pay 30% deposit when booking 

On behalf of the bride and groom, we order services here in Italy, and our suppliers will be sure

that what is ordered actually becomes something of, and that there is no ambiguity, and cancellations in the past

second. The remaining amount is paid in a week before the wedding takes place so that everything is paid before

the wedding.


What can it say in our wedding rings?

If you are getting married there in Italy, why not have something engraved in Italian inside the rings.


Here are some options:

1, Ti amo / I love you

2, Per semper / forever

3, Sei tutta la mia vita / You are my life ”

4, Tuo per semper / din forever ”

5, Con te per semper / with you forever



How months are recommended for a wedding in Italy?

April, May, June, September and October are nice months, nice prices without high season extras and

generally quiet months in Italy without too many tourists. For Norwegians, they are also the best

the months considering that it is not 40 degrees (!) July and August can quickly become too hot.



I saw one picture on the internet of a bridal bouquet / cake / hair essay that I really enjoyed

well, can I get it just the way I have seen picture of?

Yes, just send us a picture, all the actors we work with will do things just like you


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